Genesis. For Jakob, Avi and Athena, who passed too soon.
*awkwardly almost gets shot by a nine year old*

Almost getting shot by a nine year old ISIS supporter in Jerusalem while on my journalism internship has taught me three things: 
1. ISIS is not just in Syria, and does not discriminate in its civilian targets 
2. Children can literally be the death of you (especially if they have really shitty parents who give them weapons)
3. Your life can end within seconds. Really end. 

Always tell people how you feel. Read books. Call up Stephen King and tell him how sorry you are that modern television has bastardized his novels. Fight for what you believe in. Write. A lot. Above all, if you love someone, or if there’s a hint of a chance that you might - let that motherfucker know. 

Granted, I should probably follow my own advice, but one step at a time. I’m in the middle of a war zone, after all. 


Faribault Woolen Mills x Twiddle & Bard
Fun Summer Bucket List

1. Get your desired tattoo
2. Have at least two actual one night stands with complete strangers of whom you will never speak to again (one male, one female - just for good measure)
3. Go to a music festival 
4. Visit the Exhibition at least once 
5. Fundraise at least $300.00 for your team
6. Visit Steph in New York 
7. Get hair extensions (preferably before festivals) 
8. Finish writing a short story 
9. Go to Ripley’s Aquarium
10. Go to Thailand (Go to Israel instead?)

Three and a half to go - is it possible that I may actually accomplish what I set out to do this summer? Flights are almost booked for New York. Although a little ambitious, with my current writing success I’m adding one more to the list.  

11. Have one of my articles published by the Huffington Post and celebrate in New York.  


Elie Saab Couture Spring 2014

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