Genesis. For Jakob, Avi and Athena, who passed too soon.
Fuck it.

My journalism blog has gone viral in less than a day. 476 views and counting. Both CIJA and the Huffington Post are publishing my article. (Fun fact: people in Croatia and Iran read Canadian blogs). I’ve almost died about 4 times now (made only slightly more awesome because missiles are so cool). I have live images of Hamas exhibiting capital punishment in Gaza. I have an interview with the Canadian Ambassador sometime this week and I’ve successfully managed to attract the interest of a very attractive, very blonde Israeli nurse. 

Who gives a fuck if he cares about me or not? Why should I be continually setting myself on fire for someone who wouldn’t even acknowledge my burns? I’m about to accomplish more in the next two weeks than most people accomplish in a life time and I deserve someone who gives a shit. 

Thank you, morning! by (ARTeTәTЯ∀)

Colorado River and Little Colorado River (by honeynhero photography)